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Are you a student or young graduate? is an internship search engine you have been looking for. Search for paid internships abroad, international trainings or internships in Europe. Simply – browse offers from all over the world! is the Internet's best site for students and young alumnus. Discover thousands of trainings offers, read interesting articles and join global internship programs. Are you looking for summer internship? We've got you covered. No matter what language you speak or in which european or non-european country you live.– Become a truly international student!

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At we try to connect recruiters with internship seekers. Forget the clunky, unintuitive websites you have had to struggle with before. is first and foremost user-friendly. Built-in text processors make it easy to make youroffers look however you want. Using the website is intuitive, just to make everything as accessible as possible. The talented intern you want is just a few clicks away. Last but not least, placing your offer on is totally free. So, do not wait and place your offer right now!

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